Unit Name: Einst Regisseur
Model Number: Unknown
Height: 111.1 Meters
Weight: Unknown
Pilot: Unknown
Weapons: Total Sieg, Reizvoll Taufe, Gewinnen Geist, Elegant Arm, Erwartung, and Urteilskraf.

It's an extremely large and powerful Einst that is over 100 meters tall. Einst Regisseur possesses parts from Knochen, Glied, and the Gemuet forms. It has four vine like tentacles spreading from its left arm, and a giant claw on its right. Its body is composed of the purple armor seen on the Einst Gemuet, and it has wings, horns and a twin-tail made of bones. Its name, "Einst Regisseur," means "Once Director" in German.