Unit Name: Ezekiel
Model Number: AGX-12
Height: 24.0 Meters
Weight: 39.2 Tons
Pilot: Unknown
Weapons: Photon Vulcan, Laser Blade, Geist Blow, Spark Torpedo, and Olga Cannon.

It is a superior model of the Zechariah developed by the Aerogators. It takes the best qualities from the Zechariah and the Habakkuk, and combines them, making a unit that exceeds the performance of the originals. It is not suited for mass production since the costs are high and it was used mostly for small operations such as bodyguard duty or leading a squad. There are variations such as the Sagol, Adom, and Lavan which can form a Nendou field which strengthens it's gravity control. It's serial number given to it from the Earth Forces is AGX-12, and its recognition code is Knight.