Unit Name: Fairlion
Model Number: XAM-007S/G
Height: 15.4 Meters
Weight: 28.3 Tons
Pilot: Latun Subbota (S), Princess Schine Hauzen (G)
Weapons: Assault Blade, Roll Cannon, Bostock Laser, and Sonic Driver.

It's an Armored Module that was developed in secrecy at Tesla Leicht Institute by request of the Dukedom of Riksent. It was created by Filio Presty and Jonathan Kazahara. They modelled the units after their own fantasies and hobbies, such as idol dancing. They also made the units have a more feminine look by adding a skirt and hair pieces.

Several of the features and technologies found within the Astelion were used on this unit. It's equipped with a miniaturized Tesla Drive, and is also capable of using a energy field barrier, missile jammer, and a hyper jammer.

Schine's pilots the G unit, which differs in colors compared to Latun's S unit. Since Schine isn't a pilot, a special man-machine interface was installed on their units, called the W-I3NK system, which allows Latun to remotely control Schine's unit on the battlefield, ensuring her safety. It also send data over instantly.

Its nickname amongst the development staff was "Gothlolion."

Fairlion rear
Fairlion G
Fairlion sides (with armor)
Fairlion sides (without armor)