Unit Name: Flickerei Geist
Model Number: Unknown
Height: 23 Meters
Weight: Unknown
Pilot: Ariel Org
Weapons: Triple Machine Cannon, Split Missile, Dash Stake, Revolving Stake, Magnum Stake, and U.N.N. iUncanny Ultimatum Nailsj.

This machine is piloted by Ariel, and was developed by Dr. Ozunu for the Project Idealants. In order to chase after Alles Geist, core parts were taken from Personal Troopers in order to complete it. Its upper half was taken from the Gespenst MK-III Alt Eisen. Because of that it looks very different from its sister machine, Alles Geist.

It has a Revolving Stake installed on its right arm, the Triple Machine Cannon is on its left arm, and the Split Missiles are stored on its shoulder. It also has the U.N.N. (Uncanny Ultimatum Nails), which allows it to shoot a wide-area missile. Even though it looks heavy, it has high mobility thanks to the rollers that are on its legs. It has considerably high power, though its unclear where it obtained it from.

Because it was based off of Alt Eisen's designs it's able to break through the enemies front lines easily. It specializes in close-mid ranged combat.