Unit Name: Galguard
Model Number: Unknown
Height: 21.5 Meters
Weight: 46.5 Tons
Pilot: Karx Zan Valfarbia, Zashuford Zan Valfarbia
Weapons Before Strengthening: Brush Blade, Giga Sort Cannon, Linear Railgun, Anti-Air Missiles, Black Thunder, and Black Thunder Sword.
Weapons After Strengthening: Hyper Railgun, Giga Sort Cannon, Brush Blade, Black Thunder, and Meikou Kassatsu Ken.

It's been blessed with protection from Gulnansa, the spirit of Thunder. Though it was intended, its efficieny is close to a Masoukishin's in performance. It's a well balanced machine, and is similar to Granveil in design. Its primary form of melee combat is done with its katars. The concept of its design is closest to Cybuster's.

Galguard rear
Galguard Battle Stance