Unit Name: Garmraid Blaze
Model Number: YTA-09RB
Height: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Pilot: Hugo Medio (Form G), Aqua Centrum (Form S)
Weapons in Form G: Bloody Ray, Fang Knuckle, Lightning Spin Edge, Terminus Blaster, Rouga Crasher, and Execution Raid.
Weapons in Form S: Bloody Ray, Fang Knuckle, TE Sphere Breaker, Machine Animaleed, and Trinity Dead End.

It's the ninth test unit in the Earth Federation's Tsentr Project.

After the Garmraid suffered major damage during combat, it was repaired and remodeled using the Machine Animaleeds, combat mecha that are in the form of animals. One is the bird-type Hiou, while the other is the wolf-type Rouga. After equipping them, it turned into the upgraded Garmraid Blaze. It also features a newer, more powerful TE Engine, which allows it to use a special barrier, the TE Sphere.

Because of it being equipped with the Machine Animaleeds, it's capable of transforming into two modes. The Form G is used by Hugo, and it focuses on close ranged assaults, whereas Form S is used by Aqua, and it focuses on long ranged attacks.

The Machine Animaleeds, Hiou and Rouga, are also capable of being used as unmanned fighters.