Unit Name: G-Compatible Kaiser
Model Number: Unknown
Height: 58.7 Meters
Weight: 198.2 Tons
Pilot: Fighter Roar, Fighter Emmy
Weapons: Over Beam, Shoulder Cannon, Double Spiral Knuckle, Kaiser Boomerang, Fire Dragon, Kaiser Burst, and Over Kaiser Sword.

This unit is the result of Compatible Kaiser and G-Thunder Gate combining. This is its more complete form, allowing it to use weapons that it wasn't capable of using before, such as the Over Kaiser Sword. Although its much stronger than either of the units on their own, it's still not its original, complete power. This is because Kisaburo's repaired Compatible Kaiser and Dark Brain's repaired G-Thunder Gate are too different technology wise, preventing them from reaching their full power.

Compatible Kaiser rear
Compatible Kaiser head
Over Kaiser Sword