Unit Name: Gespenst MK-II M Kai
Model Number: RPT-007K-P1
Height: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Pilot: Kai Kitamura
Weapons: Mega Beam Rifle, Neo Plasma Cutter, Jet Magnum, Jet Magnum S, and Jet Phantom.

It's a strengthened version of Kai's Gespenst MK-II M that was developed for the Halloween Plan. It's equipped with a Tesla Drive, so it's capable of flight. In addition, it also has a newly installed Plasma Generator. Since it was developed for Kai Kitamura, it excels in close ranged combat. The Plasma Bucklers enhance its melee combat abilities greatly, since it has a plasma stake equipped on each arm. Because of this though, it is impossible for it to have the F2W Cannon, like Albero and Hugo's models.

The Jet Magnum S was created by Kai Kitamura, and was also used by his Gespenst MK-II M after he forced it into manual mode.