Unit Name: Gespenst MK-II M Kai (Cry Wolves customs)
Model Number: RPT-007K-P2~3
Height: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Pilot: Albero Est, Hugo Medio
Weapons: Split Missile, Hi-Beam Cutter, F2W Cannon (S Range), F2W Cannon (L Range), and Jet Magnum.

It's a strengthened version of the Gespenst MK-II M that was developed for the Halloween Plan. It's equipped with a Tesla Drive, so it's capable of flight. In addition, it also has a newly installed Plasma Generator. There were three models created, one was given to Kai Kitamura, and the other two were given to Albero Est and Hugo Medio of the Cry Wolves squad.

Albero Est and Hugo Medio's machines are skilled in long ranged combat. Albero's machine, like Kai's, has the squad leader type head attached.

Its F2W Cannon is a unique weapon, in that in can change its mode from a short ranged or long ranged type cannon. Both hands are required in order to use it, so it was omitted from Kai Kitamura's unit, since it would add too much unneeded weight.

Gespenst MK-II M Kai (Albero)