Unit Name: Gespenst MK-II S (Type Strength)
Model Number: PTX-007-02
Height: 21.2 Meters
Weight: 72.4 Tons
Pilot: Lenonjayce Starlord, Mina Likering, Hector Madison, Patricia Hackman, Arwynn Dorstein, Grace Urigin, Irmgard Kazahara, Ring Mao, Viletta Badam, Kai Kitamura
Weapons: Split Missile, Tackle, Mega Plasma Cutter, and Mega Blaster Cannon.

It's the successor to the original Gespenst model, and like the originals, only three were produced. It is made up of Earth-based technology, and features no EOT. This model features great combat abilities due to its weapons, like the original Type S.

The data gathered from this machine was used to help create the Grungust series.

Gespenst MK-II R rear