Unit Name: Gespenst R (Type Rapidity)
Model Number: PTX-001
Height: 21.2 Meters
Weight: 72.4 Tons
Pilot: Lenonjayce Starlord, Mina Likering, Hector Madison, Patricia Hackman, Arwynn Dorstein, Grace Urigin, Irmgard Kazahara, Ring Mao, Guilliam Yeager
Weapons: Weapon Breaker, Split Missile, Neo Plasma Cutter, M90 Assault Machine Gun, Rectangle Launcher, Rip Slasher, and Neutron Beam.

It's the first humanoid type machine, and is the first in the Personal Trooper line. There were three models created, though they all featured different abilities. This one focuses on high mobility. It heavily influenced many of the PTs that were created after it.

Gespenst R rear