Unit Name: Gespenst Mk-II (Einst Version)
Model Number: Unknown
Height: 23.8 Meters
Weight: 65.3 Tons
Pilot: Unknown
Weapons: Neo Plasma Cutter, Mega Beam Rifle, Jet Magnum, and Slash Ripper.

From the same Personal Trooper series that the Alteisen and Wei▀ritter are based on. This Gespenst Mk-II variant has a Mega Beam Rifle as well as the Jet Magnum that was originally developed for the Gespenst Mk-III. However, its weapons and abilities have been improved greatly by the Einsts. It is unknown how the Einst Series got ahold of a Gespenst Mk-II or if this unit is actually a Gespenst Mk-II at all.