Unit Name: Giganscudo
Model Number: GS-01
Height: 70.3 Meters
Weight: 451.9 Tons
Pilot: Tasuku Shinguji
Weapons: G-Circle Blaster, Giganto Knuckle, Seize Thunder, Giga Wide Blaster, and Gigante Uragano.

It's a super robot developed for combat and battleship defense purposes.

It was created for the NID4 movement (the colony independance movement), and was the cause of the Hope Incident, which made many of the residents within the colonies despise it. It was later badly damaged by the Aerogators' Megillot near Pluto while it was with then Hiryuu.

Its original form was very similar to the Giganspada's, but it was later remodelled by Jonathan Kazahara into a more humanoid shape. It boasts extremely high melee combat abilities, and is comparable in strength to the Grungust Type-0. It's equipped with a Tesla Drive in order to help it sustain flight.

During an attack by the UCC forces, Tasuku deploys in it in an attempt to save his friends from defeat. He becomes its pilot from then on.

Its cockpit is capable of seating two people, although it's only piloted by one person now.

GiganScudo w/ Shield rear 1
GiganScudo front
GiganScudo w/o Shield rear 2