Unit Name: Goddess
Model Number: Unknown
Height: 28.4 Meters
Weight: 38.5 Tons
Pilot: Tytti Norback
Weapons Before Strengthening: Kelvin Blizzard, Trident, Familiar, and Hydro Pressure.
Weapons After Strengthening: Kelvin Blizzard, Gungnir, Hi-Familiar, Jotunheim, and Fenrir Crash.

It's one of Langran's four Masoukishin, and is also one of the seventeen Masouki that were designed to fight against the revival of Volkruss and its minions. It's been blessed with protection from the Water class' Saint Grade spirit, God.

Its armor is made out of orihalcon. It's a high reaction performance Masoukishin that has total control of the water element. It has inferior mobility and attack power when compared to the other Masoukishin, but it has two familiars instead of one. It was designed and developed by Wendy.

Goddess rear
Goddess Battle Stance