Unit Name: Granteed
Model Number: Unknown
Height: 30 Meters
Weight: 45 Tons
Pilot: Touya Shun, Calvina Cranju
Weapons: Finger Crusher, Orgone Blaster, Orgone Slave, and Tempest Lancer.

The details of this machine are unknown, but it's thought to be special because of the ring on its head, and its body type. It's equipped with lots of high powered weapons in order to make sure that it can destroy the enemies within one blow skillfully. Because this is a large-scaled unit, its maneuverability is low, but it has a very strong armor covering its entire body. It's equipped with a Larseilam Canceller, which nullifies the freezing effect of the Larseilam.

Granteed rear
Granteed Tempest Lancer
Granteed Orgone Mantle