Unit Name: Granteed Dracodeus
Model Number: Unknown
Height: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Pilot: Touya Shun, Calvina Cranju
Weapons: Finger Draco Buster, Orgone Draco Blaster, Orgone Draco Slave, and Infinity Caliber.

When Granteed was severely damaged in battle, it merged with Basileus, and formed Granteed Dracodeus. It has the appearance of the mythical dragon king from the Fury's legends.

Four dragons appear from the machine when it uses the Orgone Cloud. It's a rather different machine when compared to the others.

Granteed Dracodeus rear
Granteed Dracodeus Back Pack rear
Granteed Dracodeus Dragon Parts
Granteed Dracodeus Dragon Transform
Granteed Dracodeus Orgone Weapons