Unit Name: Granveil
Model Number: Unknown
Height: 28.4 Meters
Weight: 36.5 Tons
Pilot: Huang Yanglong
Weapons Before Strengthening: Pulse Laser, Megiddo Flame, Familiar, Plasma Cutter, Chuuseiko Beam, and Caloric Smash.
Weapons After Strengthening: Pulse Laser, Megiddo Flame, Hi-Familiar, Flame Cutter, Chuuseiko Beam, Dengou Eiri, and Kafuu Seiun Ken.

It's one of Langran's four Masoukishin, and is also one of the seventeen Masouki that were designed to fight against the revival of Volkruss and its minions. It's been blessed with protection from the Fire class' Saint Grade spirit, Granva. Its armor is made out of Orihalcon. It's a Masoukishin designed with highly offensive capabilities.

Granveil rear
Granveil Battle Stance