Unit Name: Granzon
Model Number: DCAM-00 (R-0; EI-YAM-003; DCSMH-03)
Height: 27.3 Meters
Weight: 42.8 Tons
Pilot: Shuu Shirakawa
Weapons: Energy Drain, Granworm Sword, Prototype Shukutaihou, Graviton Cannon, Worm Smasher, and Black Hole Cluster.

This unit was designed by Shuu, and used up 2/3 of the Divine Crusaders budget in order to be produced. Its AI system is so advanced that it can engage up to 65,536 enemy units at any given time.

It's powered by the Annihilation Engine, which is a perfected form of the Black Hole Engine.

Granzon rear
Various Poses
Back Parts
Back Parts 2
Arm Covers
Granzon Battle Stance