Unit Name: Grungust Type-2
Model Number: SRG-02-1~3
Height: 50.0 Meters
Weight: 300.0 Tons
Pilot: Kusuha Mizuha
Weapons: Isolid Laser, Boost Knuckle, Maxi Blaster, and Keitou Shungokuken.
Weapons in G-Hawk: Isolid Laser, Split Missile, and Spiral Attack.

It's the second model in the Grungust series. The Grungust's Gustlander mode was omitted in order to allow for greater efficiency. EOT was used in its development.

Its armor surpasses all PTs and AMs that were created before it, and it's even capable of creating a TK Field due to the T-Link System that it's equipped with. It's able to transform into the G-Hawk mode, which allows it to fly. The transformation mechanism is the same as the one that's found in the R series machines. Because of this, it's able to transform much faster than the original Grungust model.

Grungust Type-2 rear 1
Grungust Type-2 rear 2
Keito Shungokuken
G-Hawk front
G-Hawk rear
G-Hawk side
Transformation to Gustwing
Split Missile