Unit Name: Grungust Type-0
Model Number: SRG-00
Height: 50.3 Meters
Weight: 380.0 Tons
Pilot: Zengar Zonbolt, Rishu Tougou
Weapons: Armor Breaker, Boost Knuckle, Hyper Blaster, and Reishiki Zankantou.

It was developed by Tesla Leicht Institute at the request of the Earth Federation.

This machine differs greatly from the ones seen before it, such as the Personal Troopers, due to its large size and excessive armoring. It excels in melee combat, and does so much better than a PT.

It's equipped with an 82 meter sword that has multiple thrusters installed on the handle in order to help with the balancing and posture control. The main body is installed with a generator that is commonly used in warships, which is the reason why it's larger than most units. There are also large thrusters that are equipped on its back, which allows for it to enter the Earth's atmosphere safely.

Grungust Type-0 rear
Grungust Type-0 head