Unit Name: Grungust Type-3
Model Number: SRG-03-1~3
Height: 60.2 Meters
Weight: 390.0 Tons
Pilot: Brooklyn Luckfield, Kusuha Mizuha, Zengar Zonbolt
Weapons: Isolid Laser, Drill Boost Knuckle, Omega Blaster, and Sanshiki Zankantou Ichimonji Giri.

After the L5 Campaign, the latest in the Grungust series was developed at Tesla Leicht Institute. It's capable of transforming into the G Raptor, which is an air fighter, or the G Bison, which is a heavy tank.

The first unit was equipped with a T-Link System, and was piloted by Brooklyn Luckfield with Kusuha Mizuha as the co-pilot. When Ryukoou awakened, it absorbed the unit, allowing it to repair itself.

The second unit was piloted by Zengar Zonbolt. It was equipped with a new type of Zankantou, and was passed onto the Daizengar after this unit was destroyed during an attack by the Inspectors.

After the war with the Inspectors and Shadow Mirror forces, Brooklyn Luckfield began piloting it. It's equipped with a Shishou Blade.

Grungust Sanshiki rear
G Bison
G Raptor