Unit Name: Guarlion
Model Number: DCAM-006 (RAM-006)
Height: 18.9 Meters
Weight: 30.4 Tons
Pilot: Leona Garstein
Weapons: Vulcan, Assault Blade, Burst Railgun, and Sonic Breaker.

It's an Armored Module that was used by the DC and UCC forces. It differs from the other Lion series units since they were based off of aircrafts, whereas the Guarlion is more of a humanoid fighting machine.

It was created due to the data gathered from fighting various PTs and Aerogator units. Its ground combat abilities are also very high.

There are several variations such as the Last Battalion's units which are equipped with an HOS Jammer, custom types for commanders, and Elzam F. Branstein's Guarlion Trombe.

Guarlion rear
Body 1
Body 2
Thruster 1
Thruster 2
Assault Blade