Unit Name: Hagane
Model Number: Space Noah Class Number Ship 02
Height: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Pilot: Daitetsu Minase (Captain), Tetsuya Onodera (Vice-Captain)
Weapons: 120mm Machinecannons, VLS Homing Missiles, Bow-Mounted Torpedoes, Multiple Secondary Cannons, Multiple Impact Cannons, and Tronium Buster Cannon.

It's the second in the series of Space Noah class ships. It's equipped with a miniature Tronium Buster Cannon on its bow, and its army call sign is "Steel 2."

It's served in all of the major wars and events since the DC war. It was badly damaged by the Shirogane during Operation Plantagenet and was sent in for repairs.

Hagane front
Hagane rear 1
Hagane rear 2
Hagane rear 3