Unit Name: Hiryuu Kai
Model Number: Unknown
Height: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Pilot: Lefina Enfield (Captain), Sean Webley (Vice-Captain), Eun Hyojin
Weapons: 120mm Machinecannons, VLS Homing Missiles, Anti-Ship Missiles, Multiple Beam Cannons, and Bow-Mounted Super Gravity Impact Cannon.

After the Hiryuu was badly damaged it underwent repairs at the Icarus asteroid base. It was then remodeled into the Hiryuu Kai, and received several new features, such as the super large-scaled G Impact Cannon on its bow.

It's served in all of the major wars and events since the DC war, and is also the home to the ATX Team.

Hiryuu Kai front
Hiryuu Kai rear
Hiryuu Kai side
Hiryuu Kai Beam Cannons