Unit Name: Huckebein Boxer
Model Number: RTX-011AMB
Height: 23.4 Meters
Weight: 113.7 Tons
Pilot: Ryoto Hikawa
Weapons: Vulcan, Graviton Rifle, Fang Slasher, Geist Knuckle, and G Sword Diver.

The Boxer is an Armored Module that can be equipped onto the Huckebein MK-III. It boasts extremely high attack power, as well as decent mobility and armor.

The Boxer was originally supposed to be used with the SRX, and went by the name "R-Sword." It was designed to be a large sword that could be used in combat, but it was later remodeled into the Boxer, so that it could be used with the Huckebein MK-III.

Huckebein Boxer rear