Unit Name: Huckebein EX
Model Number: RTX-008L-EX
Height: 19.6 Meters
Weight: 53.3 Tons
Pilot: Irmgard Kazahara
Weapons: 60mm Vulcan, Micro Missile, Plasma Sword, Photon Rifle, Rip Slasher, and Black Hole Cannon Kai.

The PT developed by Mao Industries that was equipped with EOT. Due to the incident on the Moon involving the 008R, Mao Industries had decided to dispose of the 008L to the members of the Earth Federation armys Far Eastern Base, the SRX planning team. After the Huckebein MK-II was developed, the 008L was upgraded into the Huckebein EX. It has characteristics of both the original Huckebein and the MK-II.