Unit Name: Huckebein MK-II
Model Number: RTX-010-1~3
Height: 20.8 Meters
Weight: 52.0 Tons
Pilot: Brooklyn Luckfield, Ing Egret
Weapons: Vulcan, Beam Sword, Chakram Shooter, Photon Rifle, and G Impact Cannon.

It's a PT that was co-developed by Mao Industries, and uses the same nuclear fusion reactor that is found in the 009. There were three units created, and they are equipped with the G Impact Cannon, and the Gravicon (Gravity Controller) system which uses EOT. It's capable of spreading a gravitational field in front of it due to the Gravicon system, which allows the gravity wall to block the enemy's attack. It's the first unit to be equipped with the T-Link System.

In addition, the Huckebein MK-II's are brother units to the R series since knowledge used to make the R machines were used on them.

The first unit was used by Brooklyn Luckfield. The second was damaged during a battle with the UCC, but is later repaired into the Huckebein Trombe. The third went missing during the war.

Huckebein MK-II rear
Huckebein MK-II w/o thrusters rear
G Impact Cannon
Huckebein MK-II w/ G Impact Cannon
Photon Rifle
Chakram Shooter
Beam Sword
Core Fighter