Unit Name: Huckebein MK-III
Model Number: RTX-011-L
Height: 21.5 Meters
Weight: 54.3 Tons
Pilot: Ryoto Hikawa, Arad Balanga (@2), Viletta Badam (@2)
Weapons: Vulcan, Multi Trace Missile, Roshe Saber, Fang Slasher, and Graviton Rifle.

It's the latest PT that was developed after the SRX Plan was restarted, and was developed based upon the technology and data gathered from the Huckebein MK-II. The concept that was used in its creation was to create a mini SRX, so it's equipped with similar systems, such as the T-Link System and Uranus System. It also uses a Tronium Engine as its source of power, similarly to the SRX, which allows it to perform as well, if not better, than the Huckebein's Black Hole Engine.

It's considered to be one of the strongest PTs due to its performance, speed, and offensive capablities. Because of the extremely high cost that went into developing the two units, it cannot be mass produced. Its "Core Trooper System" allows it to combine with AMs, giving it various types of enhancements, such as changing its weapons system.

The cockpit block is compatible with the MK-II's.

Huckebein MK-III rear
Huckebein MK-III w/o thruster rear
Graviton Rifle
Fang Slasher
Multi Trace Missile
Huckebein MK-III rear parts