Unit Name: Huckebein MK-II M
Model Number: RPT-010
Height: 19.7 Meters
Weight: 47.4 Tons
Pilot: Raidis F Branstein, Mai Kobayashi, Viletta Badam, Arado Balanga, Latun Subbota
Weapons: Vulcan, Beam Sword, Photon Rifle, G Rail Gun, and Rectangle Launcher

It's a mass produced PT based off of the Huckebein MK-II. This machine became the military's new main force during the Aegis plan.

It's equipped with a Tesla Drive, so flight is possible. Its basic performance is nearly equal to the experimental RTX-10.

Since it uses the GII frame of the Gespenst series instead of using the H frame of the Huckebein series, the production costs are very low.

Huckebein MK-II M (Arad and Seolla's Custom)
Huckebein MK-II M rear
Huckebein MK-II w/o thrusters rear