Unit Name: Huckebein Trombe
Model Number: RTX-010-2T
Height: 20.8 Meters
Weight: 52.0 Tons
Pilot: Elzam von Branstein
Weapons: Twin Vulcan, Beam Sword, Chakram Shooter, Photon Rifle, and G Impact Cannon.

The RTX-010-2 was damaged during the Hiryuu Kai's fight to recapture Columna. Zengar retrieved the machine, and Elzam repaired it in order to help fight for the DC during the war.

It has Elzam's own custom colors, and the Branstein family crest is located on the machine as well. It's capable of flight due to the Tesla Drive that Elzam had installed. It features a strengthened Gravicon system which enhances its G-Wall and G-Territory abilities, and it's even capable of making an after-image.