Unit Name: Ialdabaoth
Model Number: Unknown
Height: 24.7 Meters
Weight: 77.2 Tons
Pilot: Folka Albark
Weapons: Kishin Ken, Kishin Sojuugeki, Kishin Mougeki Ken, and Kouha Kishin Ken.

It's a combat type Shura God. It's unknown how it was created, and it operates off of the pilots life energy. It's different from the other Shura Gods, because it has an original form. Folka is able to draw out its true form once he resonates with his machine. When facing a single opponent it is able to skillfully defeat them in one blow. Folka's enemy, Fernando Alduk, has a similar machine that he pilots. Although the details are unknown, it can be assumed that they are brother machines.

Ialdabaoth rear 1
Ialdabaoth rear 2