Unit Name: Jakubuou
Model Number: Unknown
Height: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Pilot: Jabez Grims, Otto
Weapons: Tortoise Charge (Buou Moutotsu; Martial King Valiant Charge), Kurojya Tou (Black Serpent Sword), Kurojya Tou Sanzen Zan (Black Serpent Blade Three Thousand Slash), Gohou Retsuzan (Five Directional Violent Slash), Energy Prison (Gohou Goku; Five Directional Inferno), Bougyo Heisou (Defensive Equipment), Burinkou (Genbu Scaled Shell), Hansha Burinkou (Reflective Genbu Scaled Shell), and Juusekisou Burinkou (Multi-layer Heavy Genbu Scaled Shell).

It's the combined form of two of the Shijin Choukijin, Jakuouki and Buouki, when Jakuouki combines over Buouki. They combined in order to fight against the 100 evils.

It has huge wings, the Black Serpent Sword, and the special shield called Burinkou, which gives it a knight-like appearance.

The Black Serpent Sword comes from its tail, and it has the ability to bend freely. Its Burinkou shield is very strong, and has three different abilities. It can defend against damage, reflect attacks, or it can separate into many scales to attack the enemy.

It was excavated by Jabez Grims, and was remodeled. In order for Grims and Otto to pilot them, he injected them with mass amounts of opium.

Jakubuou attack pose
Jakubuou combining