Unit Name: Jaohm
Model Number: Unknown
Height: 28.4 Meters
Weight: 41.7 Tons
Pilot: Masaki Andou, Gennacy I. Goziref
Weapons Before Strengthening: Death Cutter, Caloric Missile, Beam Cannon, Linear Railgun, Anti-Aircraft Laser, and Tsumi to Batsu.
Weapons After Strengthening: Beam Cannon, Death Cutter, Hyper Railgun, and Kaniets.

It's the first Masouki that was developed by the Holy Kingdom of Langran. It's been blessed with protection from Janok, the spirit of Haze. It has excellent maneuverability. The process of its orihalcon armor didn't go well, so it uses ceramic for most of its body. The output from the Prana Converter is quite large. It was Masaki's first machine that he piloted when he arrived in La Gias. Later, Gennacy I. Kozireh becomes the pilot.

Jaohm rear
Jaohm Battle Stance