Unit Name: Geant Chevalier
Model Number: Unknown
Height: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Pilot: Joshua Radcliff
Weapons: Neo Impulse Cannon, Blade Bit, Neo Beam Blade, and Claw Anchor Burst.

Aile Chevalier's and the Weapon Box Hangar's docked form. Suitable for hand-to-hand combat, it has an anchor arm on the left side, with which it seizes the enemy allowing him to slash the enemy to bits with a giant Beam Saber, thus finishing the Claw Anchor Bust. It's outward appearance is similar to that of the Gundam Prototype 03 (Dendrobium). Having a total length of 110 meters, it is among the largest allied Banpresto Original Mecha, and it can be said that the name of Geant Chevalier is appropriate. Furthermore, the large unit Geant Chevalier still has the Bunshin ability.

The Res Arcana system can be started by using the generator which will allow it to channel astral energy. In theory it will allow the machine to never run out of energy.

Blade Bit
Claw Anchor Burst