Unit Name: Judecca (Black)
Model Number: AGX-18
Height: 70.3 Meters
Weight: 389.1 Tons
Pilot: Euzeth Gozzo
Weapons: Energy Drain, Chaff Grenade, First Hell: Caina, Second Hell: Antenora, Third Hell: Ptolomeia, and Final Hell: Judecca.

This unit was designed for Euzeth Gozzo of the Balmar Empire's seventh fleet. Its basic performance is similar to Levi's custom unit, though this one has the Cross Gate Paradigm System. However, the system is incomplete. This unit is sure to become the strongest machine that will even surpass Zehirut once its Cross Gate Paradigm is complete. If the Quantum Wave Engine is used with the Cross Gate Paradigm system, then it is possible to send the unit and its pilot to other dimensions while maintaining its existence. The serial number given to it from the Earth Forces is AGX-18, and its recognition code is "Black Death Cross."