Unit Name: Judecca (White)
Model Number: AGX-14
Height: 70.3 Meters
Weight: 389.1 Tons
Pilot: Levi Torah
Weapons: Energy Drain, Chaff Grenade, First Hell: Caina, Second Hell: Antenora, Third Hell: Ptolomeia, and Final Hell: Judecca.

Judecca stays in the center of Neviim, which allows it to control the unmanned Megillots. Its power source is a Quantum Wave Engine. The frame of the unit is composed of Zehirut Crystals. Judecca and the pilot link to eachother through the Karkaria Pulse Transmission device. Several people have test piloted it, but they all suffered a mental breakdown. Levi Torah was able to sucessfully operate it. It's equipped with something that is similar to the T-Link System, and it can even create a Nendou-like field. Even if the unit is destroyed, it's possible to restore the unit since it has Zehirut Crystals, which will allow self-restoration. The serial number given to it from the Earth Forces is AGX-14, and its recognition code is "White Death Cross."