Unit Name: Koryuou
Model Number: SRG-03T
Height: 45.1 Meters
Weight: 158.0 Tons
Pilot: Wen Li, Ryuuma Tougou, Brooklyn Luckfield, Kusuha Mizuha
Weapons: Tiger Knuckle, Random Spike, Sonic Javelin, and Tyrant Over Break.

It's the completed Choukijin form when Koouki combines over Ryuouki. Its current pilot is Brooklyn Luckfield, who was chosen by Koryuou itself.

Its nature is much rougher than Ryukoou's, and it excels at melee combat. While on the ground, it moves at fast speeds and has high mobility, although it's not capable of flight. In past times, Koouki and Ryuouki were rivals, which led to them not performing their combination very often. Because of this, two strong Psychodrivers are required in order to act as a medium between the two.

During its revival process, it absorbed the Grungust Type-3 Unit 1, absorbing its T-Link System and its Drill Boost Knuckle, turning it into the Tiger Knuckle.

For the sake of convenience, it was given the model designation SRG-03T.

Koryuou rear
Koryuou transformation 1
Koryuou transformation 2