Unit Name: Lion
Model Number: DCAM-004 (RAM-004)
Height: 20.1 Meters
Weight: 32.9 Tons
Pilot: Tenzan Nakajima
Weapons: Vulcan, Homing Missile, and Railgun.

It's the main AM used by the DC forces, and is also mass produced. Tesla Leicht Institute helped in its production, but the rest was handeled by Isurugi Heavy Industries, who based its basic design off of the F-32 Schwert.

It's capable of flight due to having a Tesla Drive installed. It was created to combat against the flying units used by the Aerogators. There are several variations of this machine, such as the F and V models which improve its weapons. After the DC war, the Federation used Armored Modules for their Operation SRW. The Lion was their main mass produced force.