Unit Name: Medius Locus
Model Number: YP-05
Height: 19.6 Meters
Weight: 47.8 Tons
Pilot: Albero Est, Erde Mitte, AI1
Weapons: Coating Sword, Divided Rifle, and Sting Acceleration.

It's the fifth test unit in the Earth Federation's Tsentr Project.

It wasn't equipped with a TE Engine due to it being too unstable, which is why test units six and seven were created, so that they could test it. Instead, the Medius Locus is equipped with Lazumunanium, which allows it to self-restore itself.

It's a well rounded machine that is capable of fighting at close and long range, unlike test units six and seven which specialize in a specific area of combat.

Although it was the first machine to be rolled out among the three combat type test units, no test pilots were chosen. It was stolen by Albero and Erde, as instructed by Dr. Zapad.

The Medius Locus is equipped with a unique battle AI called AI1, which was created by Erde with Dr. Zapad's permission. AI1 is capable of learning, thinking, and evolving, causing Erde to refer to it as her precious child. It's used primarily as support, but it can pilot the unit on its own when it needs to.

The Medius Locus managed to defeat Hugo and Aqua in combat, which gave Albero and Erde the chance to steal their TE Engine. Because of it, the Medius Locus transformed and changed its shape, causing it to become even deadlier than before.