Unit Name: Medius Locus (Second Form)
Model Number: YP-05
Height: 50.0 Meters
Weight: Unknown
Pilot: Albero Est, Erde Mitte, AI1
Weapons: Riot Boomerang, Spiral Fang, Terminus Blazer, and Heaven Acceleration.

It's the second form of the Medius Locus, and it's the result of the Medius Locus absorbing the TE Engine from Hugo and Aqua's machine, allowing it to transform and change its shape.

It more than doubled in size due to its transformation, and all of its weapons got a major boost in power, making it far more fearsome than before. All of the improvements are due to Erde's input of Hugo and Aqua's combat data into AI1, allowing it to improve itself greatly.

It's also capable of creating the defensive barrier, the TE Sphere, thanks to its TE Engine.