Unit Name: Megillot
Model Number: AGX-01
Height: 10.4 Meters
Weight: 3.8 Tons
Pilot: Unknown
Weapons: Vulcans, Missile, Sarkul Laser, Charge, Agor Aur, and Megillot Hikah.

It's a mass-produced unmanned unit developed by the Aerogators. The Zehirut Crystal which contains an autonomous metal cell with the ability to self-reproduce and self analyze is installed in it. Its mobility is fairly high and can be used for most general situations. Its combat power is equal to a PT, so it's given a sensor to scout out the areas, and the information acquired is sent directly to the Aerogators' flagship. There are many Megillots, because of this, they are usually sent to invade and subdue planets on their own. The serial number given to it from the Earth Forces is AGX-01, and its recognition code is "Bugs." The upgraded models are called Megillot Ach.