Unit Name: Neu Regisseur
Model Number: Unknown
Height: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Pilot: Unknown
Weapons: Total Sieg, Reizvoll Taufe, Gewinnen Geist, Elegant Arm, Erwartung, Urteilskraft, and Mitleid.

The leader of the Einst Series. Born from the planet that spawned the many races of the galaxy, the Land of Beginning, Earth. Its duty is as the overseer of the universe, and to keep the peace. Should there be any unbalance or dangerous elements that will threaten the peace, the Einsts will move to destroy it and wipe it off the face of existance. Neue does not see itself as God, and it is stubborn in its job as the universe's security guard. In its evaluation of the ever-warring humans, it has determined that the mankind must be destroyed (along with the Zovorg and Balmar races as well, who were also deemed unworthy and dangerous.) And thus, Neue Regisseur orders the Einst Series to move, in order to create a new universe. Its name "Neue Regisseur" means "New Director" in German.