Unit Name: Persoenlichkeit
Model Number: Unknown
Height: 21.9 Meters
Weight: 50.8 Tons
Pilot: Alchimie
Weapons: Mapuitachi, Raigoue, Mabuieguri, and Yomiji.

It's one of the few humanoid units belonging to the mysterious Einst series. The Persoenlichkeit is able to move at extremely high speeds, and can perform instantaneous teleportation. Hovering above its shoulders at all times are its two familiars that it can summon, which aid it in its battles. Its name, "Persoenlichkeit," means "Personality" in German.

When the Einst threat was over and Stern Regisseur was defeated, the Persoenlichkeit dissolved, taking the life of Alchimie with it, as she cannot survive outside the Persoenlichkeit which she was born in.