Unit Name: R-1
Model Number: R-1
Height: 19.1 Meters
Weight: 50.2 Tons
Pilot: Ryuusei Date
Weapons: Head 60mm Vulcan, Cold-Metal Knife, G-Revolver, T-Link Knuckle, Boosted Rifle, Nendou Shoot, Tenjou Tenga Nendou Shindou Ken, and Tenjou Tenga Nendou Hasaiken.
Weapons in R-Wing: Homing Missile and G-Revolver.

The R-1 is the first unit in the R Series developed for the SRX Project. Its full name is "Real Personal Trooper Type-1."

The R-1 is capable of both melee and ranged combat, and is equipped with solid round weapons. It's equipped with the T-Link System, which allows it to use a TK Field, and is powered by a nuclear fusion engine. It's also able to use T-Link only attacks, such as the T-Link Knuckle which uses psychic energy to enhance the attack.

The R-1's design is based off of the Wildraubtier and the Huckebein. Like the Wildraubtier, it's capable of transforming into its R-Wing mode, allowing it to achieve flight. Its armor is made out of Zol Orihalcon, which is refined Orihalcon from La Gias.

R-1's shield becomes the SRX's Z.O. Sword's hilt.

R-1 rear
R-1 Head
R-1 Body
R-1 Feet
R-1 Shield
Boosted Rifle
Cold Metal Knife