Unit Name: R-2
Model Number: R-2
Height: 18.2 Meters
Weight: 80.4 Tons
Pilot: Raides F Branstein
Weapons: Head 60mm Vulcan, Beam Sword, Magna Beam Rifle, Round Chakram, and Wired Beam Chakram.

The R-2 is the second unit in the R Series developed for the SRX Project. Its full name is "Real Personal Trooper Type-2."

The R-2 specializes in heavy artillery fire, and is equipped with beam weapons as its main offense. It has the heaviest firepower of the three R units. It's equipped with very heavy armor, which slows it down drastically, and oftenly causes it to overheat easier due to the instability of the Tronium Engine. A jet engine is equipped on its legs in order to give it a hovering ability, so it can be more maneauverable. It's also equipped with a beam barrier.

On the battlefield, the R-2's role is attack from the distance, while R-1 fights at close range, R-3 supports from the rear. The R-2 was originally supposed to be equipped with a T-Link System, just like R-1 and R-3, but it was decided that the unit would be piloted by a non-Psychodriver.

Its right hand is equipped with a Beam Chakram, while its left has the Beam Shield. The Beam Chakram was supposed to be a Psychodriver weapon, but it was modified into a wired type weapon after the unit's concept was changed. The Beam Chakram can be considered as the prototype for the Huckebein MK-II's Chakram Shooter.

R-2 rear
Magna Beam Rifle
Beam Chakram