Unit Name: R-3
Model Number: R-3
Height: 15.3 Meters
Weight: 49.4 Tons
Pilot: Aya Kobayashi
Weapons: Head 60mm Vulcan, Beam Sword, Nendou Sasshushiki Laser Cannon, Burst Shield, and Strike Shield.

The R-3 is the third unit in the R Series developed for the SRX Project. Its full name is "Real Personal Trooper Type-3."

The R-3 was designed to be used by the team leader, and acts as a long ranged support unit on the battlefield. It's equipped with the T-Link System, and uses it to remotely control its Psychodriver exclusive weapon with high speed and precision. Due to the R-3 requiring high speed, it has the least amount of armor out of any of the R units.

The cockpit is a small capsule that is located on the R-3's chest.

R-3 rear
Beam Sword
Laser Cannon
Strike Shield