Unit Name: R-Gun
Model Number: RW-1
Height: 16.8 Meters
Weight: 46.2 Tons
Pilot: Ingram Plisken, Viletta Badam, Katina Tarasuku
Weapons: Head Vulcan, Beam Katar Sword, Twin Magna Rifle, and Metal Genocider.

The R-Gun is the first in the RW series, which are option weapons designed to be used by the SRX.

It's capable of transforming into the Hyper Tronium Buster Cannon mode, or HTB Cannon mode for short. In this form, it has the appearence of a gigantic gun.

It was developed with a PT mode in order to allow it to fight alongside the SRX Team, allowing them to have the time needed to transform and combine into SRX.

It's equipped with the T-Link System, allowing the pilot to freely control the direction of its beams. It's also able to use a TK Field because of it. It also has a Tronium Engine installed, allowing for even greater performance.

While it was being developed on the Moon by Mao Industries, its code name was "Argun."

R-Gun rear
Twin Magna Rifle
Metal Genocider