Unit Name: Randgrith
Model Number: RGV-30
Height: 20.3 Meters
Weight: 98.8 Tons
Pilot: Yuuki Jegunan, Ricarla Borgnine, Seolla Schweitzer, Echidna Iisakki
Weapons: Spider Net, M13 Shot Gun, Scissor Knife, Phalanx Missile, Matrix Missile, and Linear Cannon.

It's a mass produced machine developed by Z&R Industries, and is based off of the Valkyrie series. It's used as part of the main forces for the Shadow Mirror army and Neue DC. It's called the Type 30. It has very thick armor, and is very stable on the battlefield, though its movement is low.

Randgrith rear
Randgrith head
Randgrith no parts
Randgrith Booster Pack
Randgrith Linear Cannon