Unit Name: Reginleif
Model Number: RGC-034
Height: 20.6 Meters
Weight: 105.2 Tons
Pilot: Yuuki Jegunan, Echidna Iisakki, Axel Arma
Weapons: Scissor Knife, Phalanx Missile, Linear Missile Launcher, Matrix Missile, and F Solid Cannon.

It's a machine that is piloted by Echidna Iisakki, and other Shadow Mirror soldiers. It's called the Type 34, and is the 34th machine in the Valkyrie series developed by Z&R Industries, making it the newest model. It's thought that this 34th machine might just be a remodel of the Type 33 created by Z&R Industries.

The control system and generator are the same as its predecessor, the mass-produced RGV-Type 30 "Randgrith," while its bombardment abilities and armor have been customized and strengthened. It's equipped with thick armor and a shield, as well as a jammer and a beam coat. It shows unparalleled strength in long ranged combat.

Reginleif rear
Reginleif head
Reginleif no parts
Reginleif Scissor Knife
Reginleif F Solid Cannon