Unit Name: Rein Weissritter
Model Number: PTX-007-03UN
Height: 21.9 Meters
Weight: 65.5 Tons
Pilot: Excellen Browning
Weapons: Split Missile, Triple Beam Cannon, Howling Launcher E-Mode, Howling Launcher B-Mode, and Howling Launcher X-Mode.

Rein Weissritter is the result of Weissritter being grealty enhanced by the Einst's power, which makes up more than 60% of its body. Its looks changed dramtically, making it appear more organic, similar to the other Einsts. Its weapons changed with due to its powerup, turning the Ochstan Launcher into the more powerful Howling Launcher.

Rein Weissritter means "Pure White Knight" in German.

Rein Weissritter rear
Howling Launcher